– Researching Scandinavian Colonialism and the Rise of a Global World in the Early Modern Period

Welcome to GlobArch, a network researching Scandinavian colonialism and the rise of a global world. The aim of the network is to bring together scholars studying early modern Scandinavian overseas expansion and its role in the advent of globalization. Our goal is to approach these issues from interdisciplinary perspective, with particular focus on material aspects of colonialism and globalisation. The network has its base in historical archaeology but our network members include anthropologists, archaeologists, historians and historians of economics from Scandinavia, North America and Africa.

Here is our web page – follow us – and learn about ongoing projects that examine Scandinavian expansion around the globe and its impact on the early modern and modern society in and outside of Scandinavia. We have compiled a list of books and articles that deal with Scandinavian colonialism, as well as links to the archives holding document collections on the subject. In the Calendar you will find information about forthcoming conferences, seminars and talks on the subject of colonialism and relevant early modern research.

You can contact the project leaders: Magdalena Naum, or Jonas M Nordin,

The network is funded by Riksbankens jubileumsfond